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Teaming Partners & Mainstream Consultants

Expand your reach in the global market. Our reputation as the trusted prime contractor opens the doors for high-profit worldwide opportunities.  Leverage our brand reputation and past performance record to enter and grow in markets that are otherwise not accessible to you.

Commercial Enterprise Sector

Increase your probability of winning government opportunities with an outsourcing partner that can deliver results. We help you win government businesses by bringing the diversity & capability you require, to augment your current competencies so that it is aligned with the requirements of specific proposals.

Federal & Municipal Government

Serving the federal & municipal community with excellence & innovation. We enable technology growth & digital transformation for the government sector. We champion inclusion and diversity and deliver transformative IT solutions at optimal cost.


Your Technology Partner In Growth

A minority, woman-owned, small-business, IDRIL delivers end-to-end IT solutions to all sectors. We have the capability and know-how to combine different technologies and services, connect teaming partners and engage the right resources to come up with a solution that caters specifically to your sector, whether it is federal, municipal or commercial.  From off-the-shelf canned solutions to IT staff augmentation, we have a solution that is right for your market.  Backed by successful projects in each sector at IDRIL, we aim at delivering excellence.

Enabling Digital Transformation 

Whether it is people, hardware or application software, we make technology work for you. Technology is your engine for growth. Allow us to help you become more adaptive, competitive, and profitable. We partner with industry leaders to deliver the hardware, applications, and expertise to move your missions forward through the intelligent application of technology.

Our Solutions

Staffing & DevOps


Digital Technology is driving evolution at a lightning-fast speed. To thrive in this smart-connected world, businesses of all sizes must adopt digital transformation with agility. But this is easier said than done. You need to understand your business needs, strategize the entire digital transformation process, and simultaneously find, hire, and retain the right IT resources within a given budgetary and time limit. The journey to digital transformation can be overwhelming for any organization.

At IDRIL, we recognize this; hence we help you enable agile digital transformation with flexible solutions that meet your business need and exceed your quality expectations.

Staff Augmentation


Application Development Services

Quality Assurance & Testing


Systems Engineering Consulting Services



Systems Engineering Consulting Services


Our Infrastructure Solutions


We use people, processes, and tools to harness technology. We start by helping you quantify the value, and then we work with you to adapt the technology to your business.

Cloud Services

From Government to the Enterprise sector, our Cloud Services deliver innovation, agility and scalability to help your organizations transition their operations quickly and effortlessly to a cloud environment.

Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security solutions deliver continuous prevention wherever your business may be onsite or in the Cloud. We address the complexity of ever-evolving cyber threats proactively with resilience

Data Centre

Deploy your digital infrastructure anywhere and scale your business with confidence with the highest level of security, redundancy and operational efficiency on our worldwide footprint of energy-efficient and environmentally compliant Data Centres.

Database Management

Make informed decisions, reduce infrastructure costs, streamline processes and enable operational efficiency with our simplified data collection and smart Data Management solutions. We apply leading AI models to make your structured and unstructured data accessible and usable.

Enterprise Business Management

IDRIL has provided mentoring, project implementation, and maintenance support for integration projects that involve today’s key information technologies. We have worked with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) vendors.

Emerging Technologies


At IDRIL, we understand the impact of emerging technologies. We can help you modernize your infrastructure, drive resource efficiency, optimize operational effectiveness and improve overall system and employee productivity by successfully leveraging Emerging Technologies.

IDRIL Services has developed a customer-based delivery model that begins with quality and planning. During this process, we help you to define your goals and objectives, create a timetable, produce a budget, and establish procedures for reporting, review, and identification of issues. We achieve this by managing change, maintaining consistent and effective status reporting and following rigorous quality controls.


IDRIL Blockchain addresses Blockchain and adjacent technologies, including shared ledger, distributed ledger and smart contracts. IDRIL provides a host of offerings to help in the adoption, integration and realization of blockchain networks.


From Edge-computing to mobility and remote process management, IoT and industrial IoT can reduce the complexity of multi-environment connectivity. At IDRIL, we have the expertise to provide you step-by-step consultation for design, development, procurement & deployment.

Data Science & Big Data

Apply Data Science solutions to make sense of your data and to get the most out of it. IDRIL adopts the latest AI & Data Management techniques to empower your business with predictable data models.

Robotic Process Automation

Streamline your operations and reduce cost by automating repeatable tasks.  Harness human creativity and reduce errors with Robotic Process Automation. IDRIL can help you build a digital workforce from baseline establishment to testing & monitoring


AI & ML can help you optimize your processes, explore new opportunities and drive overall efficiency, productivity and growth. As your trusted partner on your digital transformation journey – IDRIL provides you with the consultation and development support your business needs to adopt AI & ML.

Managed Services


Outsource your IT department or augment it with the expertise and support for emerging technologies – at IDRIL, we can customize our comprehensive managed services portfolio to meet your business’s IT requirements.

IDRIL Services has developed a customer-based delivery model that begins with baseline development and strategic planning. We help you anticipate change, maintain consistent and effective technology deployment, and ensure your organization’s IT remains secure, compliant and in-line with the ever-evolving emerging technologies.

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