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Our Cyber Security solutions deliver continuous prevention wherever your business may be onsite or in the Cloud. We address the complexity of ever-evolving cyber threats proactively with resilience.

Today’s all-connected world with multi-work environments extends beyond the limits of single location building to individuals’ remote work environment. It not only stretches the horizon of security but also increases the exposure exponentially through multi-channel edge points.

Mitigating cyber threats requires a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s complexity, the interactivity between various stakeholders from executives to frontline employees and a thorough assessment module that can map all potential endpoints within an organization’s physical infrastructure as well as on the Cloud.

Our Cyber Security experts recognize the importance of data security, privacy and compliance for any work environment, especially for the government sector. We work with your organization to establish strategies and guidelines that eliminate unnecessary exposure and prevent threats at the fundamental level. IDRIL’S comprehensive suite of Cyber Security solutions ranges from building and deploying vulnerability assessment to monitoring and protecting everything from core to edge and even endpoints onsite and in the Cloud.

We can provide you with the right support from planning to deployment, whether you want to outsource the entire project or only certain activities to augment your current capabilities.

Services We Offer


Organizations have protected resources and systems with different access levels for users based on their functionality and seniority. ICAM are the tools, policies and systems that allow an organization to ensure


In a digital-first world, more transactions are being done online, making it difficult for organizations to verify that the claimed identity of a person matches their actual identity, especially in regulated sectors like Finance and Banking.

At IDRIL, we make it easy for your customers to connect with you online, on social media or mobile by authenticating people’s identities before the start of a transaction so that your organization can stay protected without compromising customer experience.


Prevent security defects and vulnerabilities for your business applications by assessing, identifying and implementing essential security controls.

IDRIL’s Risk Assessment Services allow you to view the application portfolio holistically from an attacker’s perspective so you can make informed resource allocation, tooling, and security control implementation decisions. 


Navigate operational disruptions, proactively prevent your organization against vulnerabilities from 3rd parties and protect against cyberthreats with Security Governance & Compliance service.

IDRIL’s integrated Security Governance & Compliance service provides you with a unified platform for risk assessment,  control framework, external & internal audit reporting, ongoing monitoring of third parties, business continuity planning and change accommodation roadmap.


Provide your users with a seamless authentication experience by allowing them to log in to one application and get signed in to other applications automatically, regardless of the platform, technology, or domain the user is using.

IDRIL can help you configure all your apps on-prem and in the Cloud with an additional authentication method for users accessing applications online. Users can log in with their usual credentials and can then access multiple applications without entering credentials repeatedly


The security of their network is a mission-critical concern for any business. While threat vulnerability identification and risk assessment are essential, organizations also need processes and tools to fix these vulnerabilities quickly and cost-effectively.

IDRIL partners with leading providers to procure and implement the top remediation tools and vulnerability management software.

Benefits of Cyber Security Solutions

Comprehensive Cyber Protection Customized For Your Organization

Every organization has a unique set-up; hence the threats they face are isolated incidences as well. At IDRIL, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach cannot provide the comprehensive protection an organization needs to combat cybersecurity threats specific to their work environment. We map your internal stakeholder’s journey to the external factors and build a comprehensive plan that can combat cyber-attacks with efficiency.

Reduced Risks, Reduced Downtime & Reduced Cost

Cyber-attacks have a multi-fold impact on an organization. From making an organization’s data and operations vulnerable to impacting an organization’s overall productivity by causing company-wide shutdowns or forced software upgrades, cyberattacks can tremendously harm an organization. At IDRIL, we recognize this; hence we endeavour to be a partner that can quickly assess the threat and respond to it in near real-time to prevent further intrusion or loss of productivity.

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