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Make informed decisions, reduce infrastructure costs, streamline processes and enable operational efficiency with our simplified data collection and smart Data Management solutions. We apply leading AI models to make your structured and unstructured data accessible and usable.

Data is the backbone of every user-centric organization today.  Whether as Government, you want to develop programs for your constituents’ welfare or as a private sector organization, deliver a better experience to your customers – strategies are based on first-hand data collected at the user-end-point.

But users no longer have a unidirectional, single-platform communication with organizations. The complexity of omnichannel interaction multiplied by the variation in endpoints means organizations get inundated with quantitative, qualitative and continuous data in various structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats.

At IDRIL, we recognize that for an organization to derive critical insight, it must have the ability to process all the essential data holistically. Our comprehensive data management solutions combine Data Collection, Data Analytics and Data Visualization to deliver accurate insights that can help organizations make informed decisions based on data-driven strategies.

Drive better results with efficient strategic planning, products and service innovation, user experience and general business growth with an optimized and comprehensive data management system that keeps your cost low and resources streamlined.

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Platforms We Work With

Our database experts use Oracle APEX, Oracle 21C, Oracle 19C, and other industry-leading Oracle database platforms to simplify relational database environments.





Benefits of Database Management Solutions

Improved Accuracy with AI-driven Data Collection

At IDRIL, we apply AI-driven data collection methodology to extract more data with higher accuracy so that you can make your decisions based on a more significant and intelligent data source.

Best-in-class visualization tools enabling a simplified, user-friendly presentation

Relational databases have limitations that make it difficult for users with different technical know-how to visualize the relation between different databases.  At IDRIL, we understand this constraint and work with domain-specific, advanced data management languages and best-in-class visualization tools. The prioritized relationships between data make querying faster, and data can be visualized in a user-friendly format.

Agile Multi-Cloud Data Management for faster response

Every organization has varied data management requirements.  Our multi-cloud data management solution allows you to extract useful insights in an agile manner for faster turnaround time. Our unique Data-Management as a Service (DMaaS) offering gives you the ability to parse and use only the data you need from the entire subset of various available data.

Regulatory Compliance & Security

Wherever data is involved, regulatory compliance is a must.  At IDRIL, we stick with the highest forms of regulatory, security and privacy compliance to ensure your data remains protected at all times. From Cloud to Data Centres, we only partner with solution providers that are FedRAMP, ITAR, IRS-10756, DoD SRG L4, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA compliant.

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