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At IDRIL, we champion inclusion and diversity. We open the doors for high-profit global opportunities, backed by our reputation as the trusted technology advisor.

We are a progressive, growth-oriented company and believe in the power of long-term collaborative partnerships.

As a teaming partner, you can leverage our brand reputation and past performance record to enter and grow in markets that are otherwise not accessible to you, like the federal or municipal government sector.

We help you win government businesses by bringing the diversity & capability you require, to augment your current capabilities so that it is aligned with the requirements of specific proposals. In addition to having a thorough understanding of government vendor selection processes, we offer a deep bench of seasoned consultants with hands-on experience in comprehensive IT portfolios.

Addressing Complex IT Challenges With A Collaborative Approach 


As a diverse outsourcing partner that delivers results consistently, IDRIL can help you increase your probability of winning government opportunities. We have a comprehensive portfolio of IT products & solutions backed by a diverse team of experienced consultants and a reputable brand. Collaborate with us to help your commercial customers realize their futuristic vision. 


Join forces with us to expand your reach in the global market. Leverage our reputable brand, collaborative partner support system and mentoring to increase your sellability and credibility. We have strong relations in various sectors, including the Federal & Municipal Government, the proper licenses & certifications and insurance that will get you access to otherwise unavailable opportunities.


We partner with industry-leading vendors and suppliers to help our customers enable technology growth & digital transformation. Technology continues to evolve continuously at lightning-fast speed. Hence at IDRIL, we put extra efforts to stay abreast of the latest IT trends and bring you a comprehensive portfolio of thoroughly vetted technology partners backed by our team of IT experts & ongoing support.

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