Enterprises worldwide realize the importance of placing Blockchain adoption as the centre stone of their digital transformation process. When applied in the right way, Blockchain has the potential to transform the digital era. Global organizations are joining hands to harness the Blockchain technology to go beyond just cryptocurrency and use it to track resources, accelerate transactions, and in general, revolutionizing the financial segment.

At IDRIL, we recognize the agility Blockchain applications can add to an organization’s digital transformation. IDRIL addresses Blockchain and adjacent technologies, including shared ledger, distributed ledger and smart contracts. We provide a host of offerings to help in the adoption, integration and realization of blockchain networks.

IDRIL is a founding member of the 

Blockchain Chamber of Commerce


 In The Government Sector

Blockchain technology in the government sector can address common challenges like fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement of resources due to inefficient, outdated and disparate systems through open, transparent and collaborative networks.

IDRIL can help you harness the power of Blockchain technology to alleviate pain points and support local, state and federal government build trust with their constituents, protect data privacy, be more responsive and reduce cost.

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