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Deploy your digital infrastructure anywhere and scale your business with confidence with the highest level of security, redundancy and operational efficiency on our worldwide footprint of energy-efficient and environmentally compliant Data Centres.

In the past decade, the customer-experience conscious business sector as a whole has seen tremendous adoption of cloud services driven by the need to collect, process and store a large volume of data while maintaining privacy and compliance. Concurrently the complexity of infrastructure and cyber threats have grown as well. Consequentially the demand for multi-tenant data centers that adhere to local and global privacy and compliance policies has grown.

At IDRIL, we understand that low-risk supply, connectivity and power and proximity are no longer the only parameters considered by potential buyers when evaluating a data centre. Our data centre experts focus on delivering complex solutions with faster time to market, even lower costs, and increasing flexibility in design by actively seeking and applying new and innovative technologies like hyper-scale, Blockchain and AI.

We partner with top-in-class, global and local infrastructure providers and build the data centres that meet your regulatory standards as well as the emerging trend parameters defined by your organization. We leverage our experience in the Government sector to ensure our data centre solutions meet compliance at every level.


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Benefits of Data Centre Solutions


Public and private sector organizations all demand an Enterprise-grade solution irrelevant of their size. At IDRIL, we recognize that to stay ahead of your competition, you need your infrastructure solutions to be agile so that you can build them to meet your specific requirement at minimal time and within budget. Our Data Centre experts have the know-how and in-depth industry knowledge to build a complex data centre solution from scratch on time, at the lowest cost.

Futuristic Technology-driven Flexible Solutions

Technology is continually evolving. To optimally leverage the technology and to stay ahead of the curve, you must be able to adapt it swiftly. IDRIL IT experts stay in touch with the latest technology trends and consistently upgrade their skills and knowledge. So when you come with a complex requirement, we are prepared to harness not just existing but even futuristic technology to enable your innovative digital transformation with flexibility & agility.

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