Businesses are constantly looking for ways to deliver applications and services at a higher velocity and a faster pace. At IDRIL, we partner with industry-leading DevOP practitioners to bring you all the tools, best practices and support you need to get your product faster to the market via an automated, collaborative & agile methodology.

Increase your organization’s speed, reliability and efficiency with our DevOps Consulting Services. And combine them with our flexible service options to utilize all of our DevOps services or choose just what you need to complement your existing workflows.

We work closely with your development teams and operation process, and teams to help you optimize your capability in terms of infrastructure automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery. Our proven methodology will help you to innovate faster and with more reliability and precision.



Tell us what you are looking for, and we will deliver a robust plan for action by first assessing the current setup and identifying gaps and potential roadblocks.


Strategy Planning

We help you establish your roadmap and recommend the best tools and methodologies to help your organization realize their vision with agility. In this step, we help you develop processes and a continuous delivery toolchain.


Setup & Implementation

We help put the right resources in place and help you automate how you build, deploy and manage your development. We also help you select the best combination of backend development stacks to put your project in motion.



Project Kick-Start

We establish efficient operational and communication processes. With a focus on agility, we establish metrics and parameters for success measurement. These metrics vary and can be a mix of CPU usage, data response time, load balance etc. We will set up the proper monitoring tools for detailed performance analysis.



We build a solution according to your requirements, emphasizing clean code and improved productivity, which makes sure your backend will hold strong in any scenario.


Training & Support

Throughout your transformation journey, we will collaborate very closely with you. We will be by your side as your engineering teams adopt new organizational & cultural changes and also provide you with 24/7 DevOps support.

Our DevOps Tools & Practices

Agility, Collaboration & Reliability is the foundation of our DevOps methodology. We don’t just understand the business value of DevOps – we implement it effectively.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

To ensure a higher delivery rate, we continuously merge code changes into the testing and production environments.


We break down the functionalities to build small services running independently and communicating with each other through HTTP-based APIs or other protocols and then integrate them into a complete service.

Infrastructure as a Code

We use version control and continuous integration to automatically set up and configure infrastructure elements, such as OS, host, and operational tasks, thus reducing the time spent on repeated manual operations.

Policy as a Code

As a DevOps solution provider, we proactively track metrics and logs to see how the product and infrastructure impact the end-user experience.

Benefits of DevOps

Holistic Approach

Bring together development, testing, operations and feedback in a single, iterative workflow to improve inter-team collaboration, responsibility, accountability for an overall seamless and quicker turnaround.

Faster Response To Customer Needs & Market Trends

With agile delivery comes the ability to quickly address rapidly evolving customer and market demands as well as improve the software at the highest rate possible.

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